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geometry dash

Finally geometry dash, it would be nice if some of the coins were less difficult to obtain. This will be my final serious criticism, I promise. However, the only ways I've found to consistently acquire orbs are via opening chests and by achieving personal best performance on a given level, both of which are incredibly time-consuming and which I need to do multiple times per day to acquire the items I need from the shop. I have completed every single one of the trial levels and daily challenges. Also, I haven't been able to even come close to finishing any of the recently added levels or the weekly challenges. Generally speaking, the gauntlets are difficult to finish and do not reward the player with a large number of orbs for their efforts. A more straightforward and streamlined method of collecting orbs is needed. However, Robtop, you've done an incredible job with this game."

  • Magali Kunze
  • Dec 16 2022
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