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Coil Feed Laser Cutting Machine price

Coil Feed Laser Cutting Machine price CNC Galvanized Sheet Metal Laser Cutter Steel Laser Cutting Machine 1500w 3000w Especially good for production of Filling Cabinet, Kitchen ware, Industry Cabinets, coach cabinet, vatilation system. And Processing, and material sheet thickness less than 3mm carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel and other metal roll materials DELL LASER CNC Fiber Laser DL-CS4015 1.5m Width Metal Coil Feeder Cutting Machine DL-CS4015 Whole Cover Double Platform Laser Cutting Machine DELL LASER CNC automatic blanking production line is independently developed by the Gweike flexible production line R&D team. It has the characteristics of high cutting precision, high production and sales, high automation level, high material utilization rate, and high process quality. The main components of the production line are: uncoiler, leveling machine, feeder, laser continuous cutting unit, automatic unloading and waste collection system, etc. The overall structure of the production line is compact, the functional area layout is reasonable, and the single-station visual operation is easy to operate and maintain. It can realize the functions of automatic unwinding and leveling of coil material, online servo feeding, laser continuous online (optional) cutting workpiece, whole board blanking, and residual material recovery. The whole process is highly intelligent and reduces manual intervention. CNC Galvanized Sheet Metal Laser Cutter Steel Laser Cutting Machine 1500w 3000w Advantages: (1) The aviation aluminum beam is manufactured according to aerospace standards, which has good toughness, light weight, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, low density, and can greatly increase the processing speed.. (2) Segmented rectangular tube welded bed. High strength, strong tensile strength, and more stability, ensuring that it will not be deformed after 30 years of use. (3)Auto focus cutting head. No manual operation, simple auto focus. (4)Independent control cabinet. Dust-proof, automatic constant temperature. (5)PAD design display screen. Apple pad design, vertical screen display. Machine Mode: DL-CS4015 Fiber laser source : 1000W/1500W/2000W/3000W Dimensions: 15980*4850*2650mm working area: 4000mm*1500mm Max acceleration: 1.5G XY Repeated positioning accuracy: 卤0.02mm XY axis cutting positioning accuracy: 卤0.03mm Max. running speed: 150m/min Platform method: Turn rotate hobbing Platform idling speed: 50m/min Voltage and frequency: 220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz CNC Galvanized Sheet Metal Laser Cutter Steel Laser Cutting Machine 1500w 3000w Product Paramenters Machine Power1000W,1500W,2000W,3000W Cutting Table4000*1500mm (3000*1500mm, 4000*2000mm can option) Coil Materialstainless coil, galvanized coil, steel coil,galvalume steel coil,PPGI steel coil Decoiler Capacity10tons, 15tons optional Straightener and feederWidth 1.5m and 2m optional Max feeding speed= 18m/min Feeding accuracy: +-0.3mm per 3meter Leveling thickness: <= 1.5mm for GA, SS, MS Application fieldEspecially for Filing Cabinet, Ventilation system, Kitchen ware, refrigerator, coach cabinet, chassis and electrical cabinets,rotors and so on production, and material sheet thickness less than 3mm carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, galvanized steel and other metal roll materials. CNC Galvanized Sheet Metal Laser Cutter Steel Laser Cutting Machine 1500w 3000w Fully enclosed fiber laser cutting machines The bed adopts a gantry dual-drive structure,imported screw rods and linear guide rails,stable transmission,high precision,and online rotation of the hobbing,which ensure high efficiency,high quality,time and labor saving of material processing,improve material utilization. ONE-STOP PRODUCTION The lining paper/protective film/leftovers are collected automatically by its special device. AUTOMATIC UNLOADING Gantry/robot-type unloading,sort out leftovers by itself and save labor force.Automatic stacking of finished products,improving efficiency. -IPG / RAYCUS / MAX Laser Source Fiber laser is compact in structure, stable in performance and widely used, Fiber laser has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, good beam quality and low maintenance cost,(The USA IPG Laser source is optional) -Fiber Laser Cutting Head China Worthing(WSX) brand / Swiss Raytools brand / German Precitec brand are optional. Auto focus makes cutting system more automatic.Lightweight design, fast acceleration. -Guide Rail & Rack and pinoin.Guide rail: adopt Taiwan CSK precision linear guide rail Rack and pinion: the rack is made of Taiwan brand,Strong bearing capacity, high precision and high rigidity -France Schneider Servo 锛?motor.The fiber laser machine adopts the imported servo system from France including servo motor and servo driver. -CYPCUT Control System.The best control system in fiber laser machine industry. It is suitably applied to high power fiber laser machine and can support the rotary device, exchange table and automatic focus cutting head. -S&A or HL Chiller or Tongfei.High and low temperature dual control water chiller. Automatic LCD display temperature control status, high temperature water circuit is for cutting head cooling, low temperature water circuit is for laser cooling. CNC Galvanized Sheet Metal Laser Cutter Steel Laser Cutting Machine 1500w 3000w samples Dell laser has a technical and after-sales team of more than 100 people who are online 24 hours a day to provide quick feedback on the problems you encounter. Dell Laser's factory has over 35,000 square meters of floor space and a showroom inside to provide cutting demonstrations. The production floor area is large and the delivery time is fast. Dell laser is able to meet the various safety standards required by various countries. We focus on quality and have many big agents in Europe and America who have been working with us for many years, Fast production and quick delivery, we have many cooperative forwarders for many years, even in the current situation of complicated shipping situation can still ensure stable booking and delivery. Q: Are you really a manufacturer? A: We are one of laser cutting machine manufacturer in the industry that independently develops and produces machine beds, cross beams, and sheet metal. We are a strong manufacturer over 35,000 square meters industrial park. We are a professional manufacturer with over 13 years of laser cutting machine production experience. More than that, we have a strong R&D team composed of 80 engineers, and a after-sales team of 130 technicians. Over the years, we have collected many user feedback and constantly improved the machine quality; and we have excellent installation services and the best customer training system. Q: How to choose the laser cutting machine? A: You can choose the laser cutting machine according to the cutting thickness and material. If you are an entrepreneur, then ongratulations, DELLLASER will provide you with comprehensive training and cost-effective products to help you earn money as soon as possible. Q: DELLLASER brand doesn't seem very famous in our country. Can I trust DELLLASER? A: Sure! We have more than 13 years of experience in laser cutting machine R & D and production. Our brand awareness in China is very high, because our product quality and after-sales service are better than peers. Many customers are more willing to choose us. As for the overseas market, we also have many agents and distributors all over the world.we have officially launched overseas marketing OVER 10 years. Our machines are so excellent that we would like to promote them all over the world. Our goal is to become a top laser machine brand in the world, so we pay more attention to market reputation and product quality. Trust us, DELLLASER is your right choice! Q: Could you give me more details of the laser cutting machines? A: You could check more details in our website and facebook. But it's better for you to directly ask us if you want to know more about the details and price. Our sales will reply you in time within an hour!Coil Feed Laser Cutting Machine price website:

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