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Protein Analyzer

Protein Analyzer As the manufacturer professional, UD-Bio supplies Rheumatoid Factor RF test designed to identify the quantitative determination of Rheumatoid Factor (RF) in patient麓s serum and for the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in the clinic. the RF most frequently detected is the IgM type; present in about 75% of adult patients with RA and about 10% of children with juvenile RA. RF have also been observed in the serum of patients with lupus erythematosus, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, syphilis and various other conditions; but the RF titre is much lower than in RA. Principle锛?/strong> Rheumatoid Factor (RF) in the sample combined with the latex complex which coated by human 纬-globulin in the Rheumatoid Factor RF test, this will change the turbidity of the reaction system.The absorbance of the reaction was detected at a particular wavelength, which was proportional to the concentration of Rheumatoid Factor銆? Components: No.Components Reagent1Reagent 2 14mlx44mlx1 24mlx84mlx2 36mlx46mlx1 46mlx86mlx2 Performance Characteristics of Rheumatoid Factor RF test锛?/strong> Sample typeHuman Serum MethodNephelometry Blank limit2.5 IU/mL of the norm Measuring range4 IU/mL ~ 120 IU/mL Intra-assay precisionCV鈮?0% Inter-batch DeviationCV鈮?2%. Accuracy85% to 115%; ResultsIU/mL( Concentration) Expected(0~18) IU/mLProtein Analyzer website:

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  • Feb 8 2023
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